Best beaches in Sardinia for families

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Sardinia boasts some of Italy’s most breathtaking beaches and well-developed coastlines. Notable among them is Arutas, recognized globally for its distinct quartz sand.

La Pelosa offers a tropical escape reminiscent of Polynesia, while Cala Brandinchi Beach is affectionately known as “the Little Tahiti.” Yet, the allure doesn’t end there – from north to south, Sardinia is adorned with stunning bays, coves, and vibrant seabeds.

This article will introduce you to the best beaches in Sardinia for families. Sardinia is a region that draws travellers from around the world annually. Positioned as an ideal summer destination, especially for families with teens, Sardinia beckons exploration.

Navigate the island’s finest beaches without breaking the bank by following our guide, ensuring relaxation and adventure for every family member.

Top 15 best Beaches in Sardinia for families

Grab your bathers, towels and sunscreen and head to Sardinia for some of the most unforgettable beaches in the world.

Rena Bianca Beach

Santa Teresa di Gallura is a cozy town at the top of mainland Sardinia, just across from Corsica. The city has easy access to the Maddalena Archipelago National Park and the Emerald Coast, famous for their top beaches.

Rena Bianca Beach in Sardina in summer with people swimming and sun baking
Escape to paradise at Rena Bianca Beach in Sardinia!

Rena Bianca Beach is a broad, nearly-mile stretch of inviting white sand. It’s perfect for families, including teens, with a gently sloping seabed and safe turquoise-blue water, making it one of the best sandy beaches in Sardinia.

Plus, you’ve got parking, restaurants, and beach equipment nearby. The beach is shielded from the wind by cliffs, and you can easily stroll there from the town’s main square. It’s the best Sardinian beach for teens, with nearby parking, restaurants, and beach equipment rental.

Parents can grab an Aperol spritz at Rena Bianca Beach Bar, while kids will love a Gelato at the nearby La Gelateria Artigianale.

Santa Teresa di Gallura is one of the best coastal towns in central Italy to visit in summer with teens in Sardinia.

Punta Tegge – Best beaches in Sardinia for families

Situated off the coast of Gallura in northeastern Sardinia, the La Maddalena archipelago comprises 62 islands and islets. The La Maddalena archipelago is celebrated for hosting some of Sardinia’s finest beaches.

Punta Tegge di La Maddalena is a stunning beach located in the Italian island of La Maddalena
If you are in Sardinia, don’t forget to explore the hidden gem of Punta Tegge Beach.

Discover one of La Maddalena’s easiest-to-reach beaches at Punta Tegge. The beach is accessible by car and public transport. Your best bet is to catch public transport to the beach as the surrounding area can get quite busy during peak periods, and car parking can become scarce.

This vibrant spot offers ample space, ensuring you can find a patch of beach for yourself. This beach is perfect for snorkelling, where the kids can grab a mask and flippers and explore the island’s captivating underwater world.

Punta Tegge di La Maddalena provides fantastic opportunities for swimming and numerous areas for sunbathing and unwinding.

Cala Napoletana – Best beaches in Sardinia

Discover the untamed charm of Caprera, a small island just east of La Maddalena, connected by a bridge. For families who enjoy exploring on foot, this northern Sardinian gem is a paradise waiting to be investigated.

a white sand beach surrounded by rocks in sardinia Italy
Cala Napoletana in Sardinia

Park your car at the Garibaldi Compendium parking lot and set off on walks ranging from 20 to 90 minutes. Along these trails, you and your kids will discover secluded beaches and coves bathed in crystal-clear waters.

In about an hour, you’ll reach Cala Napoletana, a beach adorned with remarkably white rocks. On clear days, catch glimpses of the Straits of Bonifacio beyond Corsica from the trail’s highest point.

The wind-sculpted granite rocks and aromatic shrubs enhance your sensory experience, creating an ideal family environment. But what truly sets Caprera apart is the delightful presence of the island’s goats.

The goats are often seen in amusing poses against the rocks, which adds a unique and family-friendly charm to every trail on Caprera.

Cala Caprarese

Cala Caprarese is this lovely little cove known for its natural beauty. It’s like a hidden gem with clear water and a calm vibe.

Unlike many beaches you can quickly drive to or reach by public transport, Cala Caprarese requires you to take a scenic walk, adding a bit of adventure to the whole experience. The stroll is about 30 minutes, covering around 2 kilometres, and brings you through this captivating landscape.

Since it’s a bit off the beaten path, Cala Caprarese tends to be quieter, giving families a more peaceful and less crowded setting.

For families looking for a beautiful getaway with teenagers, Cala Caprarese promises an unforgettable and immersive escape into the coastal beauty of Italy.

Poetto Beach

On the southern coast of Sardinia, you’ll find Cagliari, which is not only the regional capital but also one of the most beautiful cities in central Italy.

a beautiful beach in Sardinia with a marina up one end
Feel the sun-kissed vibes at Poetto Beach in Sardinia

Cagliari is ancient, especially when you wander through the narrow streets of Castello, the city’s oldest neighbourhood, sitting on a hill surrounded by stone walls.

One of Cagliari’s best-kept secrets is its beach, a source of pride for the locals because, unlike many other beaches in Sardinia, it’s not overrun by tourists.

Poetto Beach is impressively long, stretching over 7.5 kilometres of fine sand. What’s great, especially for families with kids, is that the water is far from the shore. While Poetto’s beach may not boast the white sand found on other Sardinian beaches, its waters are blue and crystal clear. One of Cagliari’s best-kept secrets is its beach, a source of pride for the locals because, unlike many other beaches in Sardinia, it’s not overrun by tourists.

Speaking of Poetto’s name, there are various legends, but the locals in Cagliari like the one tied to the ‘poet’s tower”—a structure overlooking the beach on the peninsula.

If you’re thinking of a family trip to Sardinia, Cagliari and its Poetto Beach offer a beautiful and less crowded getaway, perfect for teens and family travel in Sardinia.

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Cala Domestica Beach – Bugerru

Cala Domestica stands out as one of the best beaches in southern Sardinia. The beach is just two kilometres from the village of Bugerru and about an hour’s drive from Cagliari.

a beautiful beach in Sardinia surrounded by blue waters and natural shrub land
Cala Domestica Beach in Sardinia

Cala Domestica’s golden sands and emerald waters create a perfect haven for beach enthusiasts. Nestled between two promontories, the picturesque bay is ideal for relaxation, snorkelling, and diving.

For those seeking more adventure, boat rentals are available for excursions, allowing you to explore attractions like the magnificent Sugarloaf Rock.

Explore the 10-metre-tall Spanish tower on the left peninsula, a historic relic from the 18th century that served as a watchtower during World War II, adding a touch of historical intrigue to your coastal escapade.

Parking is just two hundred metres from the beach. If you’re looking for the best beaches in Sardinia for families, Cala Domestica in the south should be on your list.

Le Bombarde – Alghero

Le Bombarde is one of the best-known beaches on the Riviera del Corallo in the northwestern part of Sardinia.

long stretch of white sand beach in Sardinia
Enjoy at Le Bombarde Beach in Sardinia with your families

The beach features almost a kilometre-long half-moon of fine, soft sand with calm and transparent water. This beach is famous and gets very busy in the warm weather.

Surrounding the beach are volcanic rocks, a lush forest of maritime pines, eucalyptuses, and Mediterranean shrubs, providing relief from summer heat. The beach is part of the regional park of Porto Conte, and nearby, you can explore secluded coves and the Nuragic complex of Palmavera for a mix of sea and archaeology.

You will find several places to eat and drink near the beach, such as the J&B Le Bombarde Beach Club. The Beach Club also hires sunbeds on the beach. Le Bombarde is a must-visit beach in Alghero.

Cala Brandinchi Beach – San Teodoro

Just a stone’s throw from San Teodoro lies Cala Brandinchi, affectionately known as “Little Tahiti” for its almost exotic allure. It’s one of the best beaches in Northwestern Sardinia but be prepared for the summer crowds as people flock to this 700-metre-long beach.

beach c hairs and umberellas set up on  Cala Brandinchi beach in Sardinia
Cala Brandinchi Beach in Sardinia

Cala Brandinchi is a hit with children, and parents can relax knowing that the water at this Sardinian beach is exceptionally shallow. The bay is well-protected, minimising solid currents and making it a worry-free environment for kids and their parents.

Cala Brandinchi stands out as one of the most popular beaches in Sardinia, with its pristine white sand and crystal-clear water. Pack your snorkelling gear, as it is a hotspot for divers and snorkelers.

Since the summer of 2022, Cala Brandinchi has introduced limited access, only allowing visitors from June to September. To secure your spot, you must book 24 hours in advance through, with a fee of 2.00 euros per person (children enter for free). Additionally, using a mat under your towel is mandatory for environmental protection.

La Pelosa Beach – Stintino

La Pelosa has always been considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy and is a popular destination for tourists worldwide.

white sands and blue waters of LA PELOSA Beach
La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia

Located near Stintino, Province of Sassari, North-West Sardinia, Italy, the beach offers parking, beach chairs, umbrellas, and a restaurant.

It is a beautiful white-sand beach with crystal-clear water. It is so shallow that you can walk along it for dozens of metres until you almost reach the Torre della Pelosa, a sixteenth-century watchtower. 

While the beach can get crowded in peak season (July and August), it’s considered one of the best in Europe and offers Caribbean-style beauty at a fraction of the cost.

It is very crowded in the summertime, and you must use a beach mat under your towel. Since the summer of 2022, it can only be accessed by booking through for 3.50 euros per person, while children under twelve get in for free. 

While being an awe-inspiring beach, many comments on sites such as Trip Advisor don’t paint an excellent picture for visitors to this beach. Words such as disappointing, rip-off, and avoid are used regularly.

Cala Ginepro Beach – Nuoro

Cala Ginepro beach, also known as Spiaggia di Cala Ginepro, is situated just a short distance north of Cala Liberotto, in the northeastern part of the charming village of Sos Alinos.

This stretch of the Sardinian coast boasts fine sand and shallow, obvious water adorned with occasional pink granite rocks emerging from the sea. Stretching nearly 1 kilometre, Cala Ginepro (Juniper Cove) beach is distinguished by a grove of juniper trees that lends its name, creating a striking contrast with the vibrant blue hues of the sea.

Cala Ginepro offers natural beauty and a family-friendly environment for those seeking a perfect family getaway with teenagers. The kid-friendly beach is ideal for family holidays, with shallow waters suitable for children.

Families can indulge in water sports and various adventure activities, making it one of the best beaches for families in Sardinia. The area around Cala Ginepro is peppered with family resorts and family-friendly accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable Sardinian family vacation.

Lu Litarroni Beach – Aglientu

In Baia Vignola, close to the village of Porto Vignola, you’ll find Lu Litarroni beach (Spiaggia Lu Litarroni), just 6 kilometres south of Rena Majore.

a boardwalk leading to Lu Litarroni Beach in Sardinia
Lu Litarroni Beach in Sardinia

Nestled amidst dunes adorned with patches of Mediterranean vegetation and eucalyptus, this expansive stretch features fine sand, pebbles, and rocks, offering panoramic views of the Monti Russu headland, with striking red granite rocks emerging from the sea.

Lu Litarroni Beach boasts two convenient parking areas, each with trails approximately 300 metres long, guiding you to the breathtaking shoreline.

The southernmost trail takes you through a dense pine forest, creating a magnificent entrance and providing shade on warm days. With its wind exposure, Lu Litarroni Beach is a popular destination for surfing enthusiasts. Teens, grab your board and hit the waves.

Moreover, this beach is well-suited for families with small children, ensuring a delightful experience.

Porto Palmas Beach – Sassari

Porto Palmas Beach is in the small town of Palmadula in the Sassari province. It is in the heart of the Argentiera Coast, about forty kilometres from Alghero.

Porto Palmas Beach in Sardinia, white sands and blue waters
Porto Palmas Beach in Sardinia perfect for families

The half-moon-shaped beach is enclosed between low cliffs and sheltered from the eastern and southwesterly winds. With small hills and vegetation surrounding, you get a sense of seclusion from the rest of the world.

The beach features light amber-coloured sand with a medium grain, interspersed with small pebbles, and the water is remarkably clear. The seas at Spiaggia di Porto Palmas are shallow near the shore, creating a delightful spot for families with children. After a few metres, the water gets deeper, making the beach a favourite place among divers.

A seasonal kiosk provides a cosy spot to grab food and drink. You will also find bathroom and shower facilities.

Is Arutas Beach – Cabras

Situated on the Sinis Peninsula, just a few kilometres from Cabras, Is Arutas stands out as one of the central-western highlights of Sardinia’s renowned beaches.

Arutas Beach in Sardinia

Famed as “the beach of grains of rice,” Is Arutas boasts sand composed of minuscule quartz grains resembling rice grains. This beach is a must-visit destination in Sardinia and is celebrated for its crystal-clear waters. Despite the apparent shallowness, the water swiftly deepens a few metres from the shoreline.

Visitors can choose between beach clubs, eateries, or the expansive free beach area. Regrettably, over the years, this unique sand has suffered from the actions of disrespectful tourists.

Consequently, the beach is closely monitored, and hefty fines are imposed for removing these tiny quartz grains.

Dune Beach Of Piscinas – Arbus

Nestled along the stunning Green Coast in the Arbus region, Piscinas Beach emerges as a true treasure, gaining accolades among the most exquisite beaches recognised by National Geographic.

a rugged looking beach surrounded by large sandunes in Sardinia
Piscinas’ Dune Beach in Sardinia

To reach this idyllic destination, you traverse awe-inspiring vistas visible from your car window as the road meanders, occasionally transitioning to unpaved paths.

This remarkable locale boasts Europe’s tallest dunes, soaring over a hundred metres! Far removed from the hustle and bustle, Piscinas remains serene, never overcrowded, and embraced by untamed, pristine nature.

Distinguished from the typical Sardinian beaches, Piscinas features velvety golden sand, a profound seabed, and crystalline waters transitioning from deep blue to emerald green.

Exposed to the invigorating mistral winds, Piscinas attracts surfers and windsurfers, offering a unique experience. While it lacks extensive facilities, this free-spirited beach hosts two modest eateries, with parking available at a nominal fee.

Santa Caterina Di Pittinuri Beach – Cuglieri

The beach of Santa Caterina di Pittinuri is located about thirty minutes by car from Oristano, in the town of Cuglieri.

This beach combines fine amber sand with small pebbles and is positioned within a picturesque cove between Punta Cagaragas and the Pittinuri Tower Promontory.

Santa Caterina Di Pittinuri Beach
You will find plenty of amazing beaches in Sardinia for kids

The shallow shoreline makes it perfect for swimming and relaxing in the sun. The sea is clear and slopes very gently into deeper water.

It is a beach loved by those who practice water sports; it is perfect for stand-up paddleboarding and sea kayaking. Even lifeguards are on duty during the summer, making this beach ideal for families visiting Sardinia.

Behind it is a small playground for children, and food and drink options can be found in the small surrounding village.

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In conclusion, Sardinia’s beaches offer an unparalleled haven for families seeking a perfect getaway. With a plethora of kid-friendly beaches and an array of family resorts, the island caters to every aspect of family holidays.

From the crystal-clear waters of Sardinia beaches, ideal for children, to the abundance of adventure activities and water sports, there’s no shortage of family-friendly attractions

. Sardinia with kids becomes a memorable experience, with family-friendly accommodations providing a comfortable retreat after days filled with exploration.

a coastal town in sardinia italy with colorful building on the waterfront
A charming seaside town in Sardinia

Whether you’re drawn to the best beaches or the top Sardinia attractions for families, this Mediterranean gem ensures an unforgettable Sardinia family vacation. Sardinia’s charm extends beyond its sandy shores for those planning a family trip, making it a comprehensive family vacation destination.

Explore the wonders of Sardinia, armed with our family travel tips and Sardinia travel guide, ensuring a delightful adventure for every family member.

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