Best Snowshoeing Destinations for Families in Europe

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Many options exist when you’re after the perfect destination for a winter family escapade that includes plenty of snowshoeing. Experts have looked at hundreds of the best destinations available globally and compiled a comprehensive list of what they believe to be the best snowshoeing destinations for families.

When creating this list, experts examined various critical factors like ease of access to superior snowshoeing equipment such as snowshoes for men, women, and kids, as well as: 

  • Location 
  • Amenities for parents and kids 
  • Access to snowshoe trails 
  • Opportunity for non-guided and guided snowshoe treks 

From large hills and mountainous terrains to destinations with themed resorts and luxury hotels, there is a destination to suit every family. These destinations include the following.

Snowshoeing in The Dolomites, Italy 

Italy’s Dolomites come alive with winter activities, including snowshoeing. The region is full of snowsports, breathtaking mountain scenery, and family-friendly hikes.

A ski Resort in Italy
Having fun at a ski resort in Italy

For families that want to ditch skiing masses and explore off-piste, strapping on high-quality snowshoes for men, women, and kids is the perfect way to appreciate the dramatic mountain range panoramic views. 

With cosy mountain huts to unwind in and miles of tracks to the crunch, a winter Dolomites Italy holiday will surely take your snowshoeing adventure to the next level. 

The Alps, France 

The French Alps are the perfect picture of a frozen utopia. 

a mum and daughter on a toboggin in the snow
Mom and a little girl in the mountain on a sledge

This is especially true during winter. This destination offers ample opportunities for: 

  • Tobogganing 
  • Snowboarding 
  • Skiing 

Are you a nonskier? And do you adore snowshoeing? Don’t worry about missing out on your favourite winter activity. The base of Mont Blanc offers great snowshoeing opportunities. You need to be well-equipped for your Alps snowshoeing adventure. 

The Cairngorms, Scotland 

This destination is blanketed by snow during winter. Scotland’s Cairngorms Mountains in the eastern Highlights provide otherworldly snowscapes to snowshoe, hike, and traverse, aided by ice axes and crampons when scaling those frostiest fields. 

The Cairngorms snowshoeing destination allows visitors to enjoy the harshest weather conditions across the largest national park in the UK, as well as icy cliffs and frozen lochs.

These escapades offer unique encounters with mountain hares, golden eagles, and festive reindeer herds in Arctic-looking surroundings. It is well worth wrapping up everything warm and heading out into the unpredictable Scottish weather. 

Oulanka National Park, Finland 

Winter travellers can break in fresh trails past frosted pines, frozen waterfalls, and roaring rapids on a hiking trip in the idyllic snow-coated landscape of Oulanka National Park.

a young girl in the snow in Finalnd
A young girl with orange snowshoes on snow in winter

The Finnish wilderness is the ultimate destination for families as long as everyone layers up perfectly and straps on good-quality snowshoes to navigate the snowy powder. 

Observation towers, wilderness huts, and suspension bridges dot the national park, offering spectacular lookout points and campfire breaks on different routes. 

La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain 

The Canaries is a perfect choice for hikes. You and your family can still expect nine hours of sunshine daily on sub-tropical La Gomera.

This is one of the most untouched and minor islands in the Spanish archipelago. However, winter presents a perfect environment for those who adore snowshoeing. 

Hundreds of rewarding routes via the Laurisilva forest and over the ever-rocky ravines assure travellers will never have to retrace their steps on a La Gomera trekking trip during winter.

a family out for a walk in the snow
Family snowshoeing in the winter snow outdoors kids having fun

Have you discovered your perfect snowshoeing family destination for your next adventure? Pick the best snowshoes for men, women, and kids, as well as hiking poles, from a leading provider.

Leading providers usually offer good-quality outdoor equipment, including hiking poles and snowshoes. Ensure that the products you choose adapt to different terrains and winter activities.  

They should have optimal traction and flotation in snow. With the best equipment from a leading provider, you can have a memorable and comfortable snowshoeing adventure.

Once you have the perfect snowshoeing equipment, consider the destinations discussed above. We hope this article on Wyld Family Travel inspires you to snowshoe with the family in Europe.

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